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7 Benefits Of Wearing A Watch : Why Every Swiss made dive watch   Guy Should Wear A Watch
February 22, 2017 by means of Isaac
7 Benefits Of Wearing A Watch Infographic

Whether it’s for impressing your co-employees into submission, reinventing your style or genuinely telling what time is it, having a wrist watch can continually be a instead nifty addition in your apparel.

Equipped with one, you’ll be capable of NOT get past due for an critical assembly, and with some of the more recent fashions, additionally precisely what time it’s far in Australia!

With the current trend of smartphones being the device that nearly all of us in the world use, watches are becoming less critical due to the fact the ones phones can also display time.


Are Watches Obsolete And Out Of Style?
With smartphones being the number one must-have for absolutely everyone, does this means that watch is out of date? Is watch out of favor?

In my honest opinion, wrist watch remains relevant and sincerely now not out of favor.

Heck, Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers even started out promoting their very own smartwatches. Now that’s a sure signal that watches are not out of favor proper?

While it’s not as popular as earlier than, we are able to always see more than half of the people on the road still wear a watch. That’s another proof that wrist watch is still applicable and utilized by many.


7 Benefits of Wearing A Watch
While telling time is the main motive of wearing an eye fixed, it does has many other advantages. Listed underneath is the 7 benefits of sporting an eye fixed:

Tells You Time
Fashion Accessory For Man
Collector’s Items
Sign Of Adulthood
Helps You At The Workplace
A True Functional Tool
Valuable Item Or Jewelry For Man


1) Tell you time!
Let’s begin with the first-rate benefit of sporting an eye and the primary motive it become invented – to inform time.

Long earlier than wrist watches became a style announcement, agree with it or now not, these little gadgets had a completely beneficial utilization.

Since cumbersome clocks from decades ago weren’t surely the quality choice to convey round, as you will want a size-in a position backpack to achieve this, a few smart humans decided it was time to strip those useful time-telling machines to where else – your wrist!

Blessings of wearing an eye fixed

Just a flick of our wrist, we will effortlessly tell time with a watch.


It started at some point of the cutting-edge warring duration approximately a century in the past while navy guys needed a brief and smooth manner to coordinate between themselves.

They used army watches because the imply to try this and on account that then wrist watches have gained recognition and utilized by the hundreds.

In current times in which smartphones dominates the world, wrist watches nevertheless could be very beneficial as a way to inform time.

It’s simply so a good deal less complicated – a simple flick of the wrist and we can realize what time it’s miles.

But attempt to inform time with a phone wherein the procedure might be longer (switch on from sleep – input passcode, and so forth. And so on)…. Well, you get what I imply =)

2) Fashion Accessory For Man
If you’ve been looking for a manner to explicit yourself via your look, wearing a wrist watch can be an great place to start.

These little timepieces keep a as a substitute unique region among style add-ons, in particular for men.

It’s now not only a reasonably-priced trinket which you put on for its look, nor is it an costly piece of jewelry that’s only there to appearance excellent.

Rather, an eye fixed is a small tool that tells you time, so it has a actually outlined reason, which gives it an air of seriousness and adulthood.

A match and tie mixture, for instance, is almost not possible to imagine without a wrist watch, as it offers one the complete look of a enterprise individual.


Movado Museum on Hand

Watch also can be a fashion accessory for men [shown in the picture above is the Movado Museum Watch]

Of course, in case you’re extra of a sporty kind of character, a virtual watch can be a better solution for you because it will give you a certain rapid and urbane look.

To supplement a proper put on to an occasion, I propose the dress watch with a graceful and stylish design. Looking to hang around with pals ? A greater informal diver’s watch will do the trick.

The top information is, however, you could wear any viable watch and garments mixture and expand your very own private style that perhaps doesn’t even exist yet!

Not to mention that is high-quality news for guys whose preference of style accessories are rather restricted.

Women have lots of ways to specific or beautify themselves: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, you call it.

For men? Not a lot except than the relied on wrist watches.

3) Collector’s Item
Similarly to many other uncommon matters such as cars, watches are quite famous as a collector’s item inside the diverse circles of fans global.

These human beings are prepared to pay a pretty amount of money for a rare timepiece and in case you appear to be within the ownership of a especially antique and traditional watch, you is probably in a role to get pretty a hefty dollar for it!

The splendor of watches lies on its craftsmanship. Mechanical or computerized watches (examine this article here to recognise their differences) are very in demand due to its mechanical complexity and distinctiveness.

And maximum of them are adorned with fantastic design and constructions making them very beautiful. Just like automobiles, watches additionally have the same splendor to it for a man. If that’s now not the case, no one is going to pay thousands of dollars for a Rolex.

In the difficulty of preserving fee, simply be warned that not all watches are same within the cost retaining section.

Some watches (typically automatics) can preserve their cost nicely, and might even really worth greater after a few years. This is typically authentic if that particular version was discontinued to make manner for brand new designs.

But as I’ve referred to in advance, this isn’t always the case for each watch. Do make your research earlier than splashing out large amount of cash to shop for that high-priced Swiss computerized watch.

As with any investments, a proper and exact studies goes a protracted manner to ensure you’re not dropping any money..


Bulova Moon Watch Review Front2

Watch also may be a groovy object for creditors, mainly if the watch has a rich records in the back of it. Pictured above is the Bulova Moon Watch, a reissue of the authentic Bulova watch that changed into used on Moon at some point of Apollo 15 venture (click HERE for extra information)


Another remarkable thing approximately taking up wrist watch collection as a hobby is that you could in no way clearly run out of watches to feature to your arsenal.

No be counted how lots of them you manipulate to locate, there will constantly be some version you haven’t uncovered but. Not to say the cutting-edge watches that brands will give you every yr.

This just makes the entirety that rather more exciting!


(Read also my list of the 30 pleasant computerized watches beneath $1,000)

four) Sign of Adulthood
Other than representing us in our nice mild when paired up with some good-looking garments, wrist watches also play an essential function in designating your social function.

Typically, a person who’s wearing a professionally-made watch is considered an person geared up to tackle some difficult duties! And that’s the forth advantage of wearing an eye fixed – a signal that a man has entered maturity.

Unless that’s no longer the case, of route; there are numerous folks who purchase their youngster’s high-priced watches, but that doesn’t mean that the ones children have magically slipped into adulthood.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Watch Review (2)
Casio G-Shock military watch
Which will make a man look extra professional in an workplace: the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic (top) or the Casio G-Shock (backside)? Well, undoubtedly the Jazzmaster looks better with suit and deliver an air of professionalism


For these motives, wrist watches are the standard gift at 18th birthdays, which more regularly than now not represent the age at which a teenager turns into an person (in Western cultures anyway).

In addition, an eye fixed is also a favourite present for those hiking up the ranks of a corporate office (of path this may be more steeply-priced than the youngster turned grownup watch)

Gifting a watch serves as a symbolic cause aside from enhancing one’s style. By gifting someone a tool that and actually is beneficial in actual lifestyles, you display them appreciate and which you assume them to act in an responsible and responsible style.

And within the case of the company expert, a good-looking and stylish watch can be a manner to expose that he/she means enterprise =)

five) Helps You at The Workplace
It might also sound banal at first, but having an eye fixed can truly help you prepare your time higher when you’ve entered the busy streams of the body of workers.

Whether it’s scheduling crucial conferences, or glancing discreetly at your watch to see how an awful lot time is left until this sort of gatherings will end, having such a timepieces can truely prop you up at some point of your working day.

The potential to usually be aware of time is a completely crucial element to have in a hectic working person. And your wrist watch can assist simply that.

A glance will take much less than 2 seconds at the same time as having to do the equal with a smartphone will take much longer time.

Besides it gained’t appearance as expert in case you need to constantly deliver out your telephone just to test the time.

Another appropriate purpose to wear an eye fixed to paintings is if you are running in a field environment (i.E not office) which include investors in marketplace, construction website, military guys and so on.

In those surroundings, there may be no way you can mess around along with your phone to study the time. In fact, it’s not an amazing dependancy to do that due to the fact you’ll be briefly distracted and will caused accidents.

Besides, there’s always the possibility of dropping off your smartphone at the floor even as operating (ouch!).

I’ve as soon as worked in a production web page and discovered how tough is it not having an eye fixed may be (I became nevertheless no longer into watches again then).

Imagine having to unlock your phone while your hand is dirty – it’s simply no longer efficient to do. Besides, it was not an excellent issue for my steeply-priced cellphone lol.

With a wrist watch, these may be averted completely. A easy glance at our wrist taking much less than some seconds will do the trick. Not to say it received’t take your attention faraway from the assignment handy which is in reality more secure to you.

6) A True Functional Tool
Some wrist watches can also do more than simply inform time. This is particularly proper with the modern-day smartwatches that can be an extension of our smartphones.

But for ordinary analog non-smartwatch, it’s still a highly useful device and may be more than just displaying time.

Chronograph watch, for example, is a stopwatch combined with a regular watch. It may not be used frequently but for the duration of carrying occasions, it may be of wonderful use.

Many chronograph watches are ready with some scales on the watch. The most famous is tachymeter scale for you to allow us to recognise how speedy something is transferring furnished we realize what’s the space it traveled like how rapid that F1 automobile is visiting alongside that stretch.

Diver’s watch is any other example of ways wrist watches may be a top notch device. Diver’s watches essentially has a high water resistance and sturdily built for use internal water by way of diver’s.

It also has lumes on it to assist with visibility within the darkish ocean. And did I mention those diver’s watches can be tremendous cool?

Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Review-9

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 is an instance of an eye that has compass ring on it

Last however no longer least, a few watches do have unique scales on it for extra features. Examples are compass ring and slide rule ring.

Compass ring is a rotating bezel at the watch with designations of the North, South, East and West. By the use of the solar’s course, approximate locations may be decided with the aid of the hoop.

On the opposite hand, slide rule works primarily based on logarithmic scales on the watch. One of the scale is fixed on the dial whilst another is on a rotating bezel.

The slide rule allows its users to do many forms of mathematical calculations quick consisting of multiplication, department, rectangular root and many others. It’s a special scale that’s very beneficial and also cool!

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